Dance Ceremonial

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“Dance as heart medicine

Eloise’s ceremonial dance circles are about union and rewilding self, head and heart.

Explore creativity and imagination through ecstatic dance. Be guided to ecstatic and authentic movement using symbolism, dance props, music and the elements – air, fire, earth and water.

Based around the seasons, moon cycles and ancient earth practices, these ceremonies can be hosted on land, ocean, under the moon, deep in the woodlands, community halls, and other ceremonial spaces.

A place where … through dance … we can return to our most natural state of self.

Where the feminine and masculine can co-exist in harmony and sacred purpose.

No dance experience necessary, only a curiosity and willingness to explore the old ways and seasonal changes … a deeper life … Rhythm. Heartbeat.

All ages welcome.

“My love of wild dance and performance is seeded in nature and the ephemeral, just music, imagination and the alchemy created between heart and rhythm”.  

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