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Eloise is the co-founder, manager, singer songwriter and front woman of theatrical band Spyndrift.



Spyndrift are a sextet with an irrepressible sense of theatricality and joie de vivre. We’re talking contemporary ska, funk, world, reggae and groove wrapped up in an intoxicating glamorous stage show. The band plays an infectious blend of original music with melodic undertones. Influences of film noir, vaudeville, carnival and circus inform their physical presence which is underwritten by strong and fulsome guitar. Their musical styles range from dub-ska to circus-cabaret.

A dynamic musical performance complete with eccentric characters in lavish costumery illuminate dancer and frontwoman Elle Wood’s enchanting and playful antics. They fire the audience’s imagination with their fun style, original music and song crafting.

Spyndrift was born out of the Otways in 2004, and has a growing following after five consecutive years at Apollo Bay Music Festival, sell-out shows at The Butterfly Club, Folk Rhythm and Life Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Great Australian Beer Festival, and successful tours of the Victorian Goldfields and the East Coast. They are well loved on the Festival circuit and celebrated for their feel-good, make-you-wanna-dance vibe.

Their film clips Like a Kyte and Pandoras Box illustrate the theatrical and playful nature of this act and what you can expect to see in their show. Spyndrifts discography consists of ; Sound Swell (2007), Positive Charge (2010 ) and most recently  “Wolfgang” ( 2016 ) first single from their up and coming EP Vagabond Honey.

Spyndrift brings a depth of musical colour and performance experience to the stage with more than 15 years in the music/performance industry.


Elle Wood (vox, ukulele, performer)
Hoya Wolfgang (guitar, vox)
Merin Trebilcock (bass)
Glenn Briody (drums)
Paul Winter (saxaphone)


Mobile: 0400 145 168




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