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enLIGHTen Me Birregurra
2018 Birregurra Hall BallyHoo
~ The Illuminates ~

EnLIGHTen Me Birregurra
as part of Regional Arts Victoria’s Small Town Transformation Project

. Six small Victorian towns including Birregurra each received $350,000 to undertake an ambitious two-year project to transform their communities as part of Small Town Transformations. Armed with a vision of contemporary art and visual storytelling, the community of Birregurra embarked on a journey to transform its idle Mechanics Institute Hall from a shrinking violet into a thriving arts and cultural asset pulsing with energy and inventiveness.

enLIGHTen Me: I Have a Hall in my Heart is a transformational project that will re-frame the hall and other spaces as places of creative and connective possibility through a two year process of arts development. The project will ultimately provide Birregurra’s community with the tools and drive to propel its hall into an enduring hive of artistic and cultural activity the state will be proud of.

. Pictured: Eloise Wood .
Role – Key Artist and Performer
Eloise Wood was commissioned, along with an esteemed group of visual and performing artists from across the region, to design and perform a large scale live art event as a key deliverable for the enLIGHTen Me project. The event, Birregurra Hall BallyHoo, was directed by Gorkem Acaroglu and included a major projection installation by the esteemed Craig Walsh. Birregurra Hall BallyHoo was a multi-disciplinary arts event with projection, live video, digital installations, movement, live music and theatre, and featured more than 40 performers across three hours in a non-linear program. The performance outcome was a sellout with over 400 ticket holders and 200 additional bystanders attending the event.Eloise was a core contributing artist and collaborator for this aspect of the Birregurra enLIGHTen Me project. Along with broader design and contributions, Eloise conceived and developed The Illuminates, a celestial themed stilt walking extravaganza, and performed in this work, for the Birregurra Hall BallyHoo.

Project Deadline

November 2017 – April 2018

Performance Outline

The Illuminates – conceptual design and performance

The Illuminates is a celestial themed stilt walking extravaganza, and was inspired by heart and light, star constellations, the enLIGHTen Me concept, stilt walking, French street theatre and Ziegfeld follies “More is More”. This is a theatrical stilt dance performance designed for street theatre, with large scale self-illuminating props and costumes, and  a live soundtrack and narrative.

Performance Narrative

Celestial stars land on earth and are discovered by a steampunk inventor who gives them the power of heart and light through his Illuminator contraption. The costumes were self-lit with built in LEDs and were performed alongside feature artist Craig Walshes beating heart projection installation on the front of the hall.

Key Artist Responsibilities

    • Direct reporting to Event Project Manager and Director
    • Arts Development Sessions
    • Collaborate and design with featured Projection Artist
    • Photo Shoot
    • Hero Image Feature in Event Promotional Campaign and Advertising
    • The Illuminates- Director and original concept
    • Choreography and Script Writing
    • Costume collaboration design meetings with Jen Farthing, Hoya Wolfgang and Manjaa Gustafson
    • Lighting Design with Nick Moloney
    • Source and procure local talent and musicians, designers and makers
    • Coordination and direction of participating artists and performers
    • Manage and schedule rehearsals and related correspondence
  • Budget management
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